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Welcome to the village where we help boys and men to reach there full potential, we all need support so now look no more, take it from someone who knows how to make the day great?!  Then you need to join the MAD Movement....
Founded by Chris Preddie OBE, the MAD Movement is a daily life-coaching support service that aims to motivate, inspire and engage with men all over the world to help improve their mental health and well-being.
Everyday Chris will fly into your WhatsApp inbox with the information, guidance and knowledge you need to have a good day! Incorporating proven techniques such as CBT, breath work, mindfulness, goal setting and much more, the MAD movement is proven to work and FAST.
Men are under so much pressure to perform these days and the MAD Movement is an affordable and accessible answer to managing those pressures. This unique service is available to everyone that needs access to fast, reliable and relatable mental health guidance and support and all for only £5 a month!
How to sign up:
Once you’ve paid for your place (either monthly or annually) please add MAD MOVEMENT +447385098609 to your contacts and then send a WhatsApp message to the number with your name, email address and order number. Once added in you will receive messages via a broadcast list so please make sure the MAD MOVEMENT number is stored!

The price for membership is £5.00 per Month.

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