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MDR is launching the MAD Campaign (Make a difference/Making a difference)

You can join the fight now by signing up and registering to our site and Facebook page HERE! 

The rise in knife related violence has increased exponentially in the last 12 months and the time to take action is NOW


Overcome your ego and unite...

We’re the problem but also the solution

Let’s get Mad and Make A Difference

With The M.A.D Campaign


The M.A.D Campaign is aimed at making a different to all young people from all backgrounds we have No Race, Religion, Colour or Creed. Just are sons and daughters, we’re dealing with a culture and our aim is to build with other organisations, youth services, parents and most of all communities, To help tackle youth violence, knife and gun crime and the high rate of death on our streets.



Right now solutions Right now situations.


Borough 2 Borough initiative... called

Sweep The Street - keeping our street safe..


Sweep the streets is initiative we hope to run Borough 2 Borough asking people from the community to volunteer couple hours a week. Going around your community doing outreach to build a re-poor to gain there trust and respect. we as parents and adults have a responsibility to make a difference. our young people need are help so let get out there and save lives, so we can refer them programs, apprenticeships, work opportunities or any other direction they hope to seek.


The M.A.D is School Prevention and Intervention Programs... aimed at primary and secondary school kids.


The M.A.D prevention is a early intervention catching the young people before they full victim to this gang life. Also giving them the right tools to be able to deal with the street life and gang mentality as we know it’s a culture and a lifestyle. Children are getting younger so we need to start teaching younger.

The M.A.D intervention is a right now approach focusing fully on young people that are involved on the infringement to gang life, knife and gun crime, drugs and grooming. This initiative hope to decrease the high rate of young people involved or falling victims to this culture.



CPX- Chris Preddie Experience inspirational talk / True life event and stories....


CPX Is a breakdown on Chris' stories and how he overcome the death of his brother, being on the infringement of gangs. Leaving home at a tender age of 16 “All I had was a bag of dreams” as Chris would say, Chris chose another way. Decided to go back to College while moving onto university.

Chris takes each young person through his/ her journey giving them tools and speaking on topics where Chris was groomed and peer pressured into gangs.


Chris hopes this inspirational talk can encourage and inspire young people. This talk is for all young people; to guide them, inspire them and give them positive affirmation. Chris hopes to be the difference in changing young people, help me to help us Make Dreams Reality.



Is a social media initiative strictly designed for young people...

Get M.A.D and go LIVE is giving young people and parents, The reassurance and the safety of there young people. By having a live recording of there journey. Being able to watch them as they come home like a go pro. Having a timeline on there exact location and whereabouts.


Don’t walk alone walk home with your 200 friends on Facebook.

Parents do you worry about your child, buy them data and watch them live.

Allowing you and your young people to feel safe.

We welcome any programs, initiatives, workshops, apprenticeships, work placements, skills and crafts we want to connect with you all, it’s bigger than me and you.. So let’s unite and stand together...


M.A.D RUN is a sponsored run aimed at raising money for our young people


The M.A.D RUN is a sponsored run helping to raise money for our young people. All money raise will be allocated to each initiative giving back to our community.

If you would like to run or donate, Please check out our donate page And support The M.A.D Campaign





M.A.D - Making A Difference Campaign


Thank you all for your support


Love  Laugh  Live

Weather you can help physically or not by sharing or supporting Stay safe #getactive #wakeup #actnow #MDR #chrispreddieobe #kids #unity #Future

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help me to help us - Make Dreams Reality