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Make Dreams Reality (MDR)

Facilitate mentoring programs and workshops for, young people who attend secondary school, college, youth clubs, YOTs, PRUs and prisons throughout the UK. We at MDR are committed to challenging the barriers and tackling issues that young people face by applying new and innovative ways to engage, empower and motivate. Many young people display challenging behaviour which is often misunderstood by peers and teachers. These young people are often, sadly, overlooked. We at MDR embrace ALL young people and believe that by channeling their talents and energy in a positive way will empower the young people, subsequently having a positive impact on their behaviour. We at MDR are committed to finding their unique and shining qualities which, more often than not, go undiscovered.   MDR stands apart from previously tried and failed organisations. Our mission is to reform young people by treating them as individuals and respecting their opinions. MDR’s work is directed at decreasing the crime figures that we see today; According to England and Wales police figures in Jan 2018 there has been a 21% rise in knife crime and a 20% rise in gun crime in the last 12 months. Our vision for MDR is to create a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource to young people, aspiring mentors and the community at large. Our future aim is to be able to provide support or a friendly chat to any young person in need. MDR can make a difference....   To join us, simply CLICK HERE  
February 28, 2018