Chris Preddie OBE – The Boss’

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Chris Preddie OBE (AKA ‘DREAMS’) Chris received an honour from Her Majesty the Queen in 2012 at the age of 25 being the youngest black male to be recognised for his “outstanding contribution to youth work”. Chris has been volunteering and working with young people at risk since he was 17. He grew up In North London and although aware of friends who were vulnerable to adverse influences within their communities, he did not follow their paths. He has a Diploma in Performing Arts, and won the London Rise Slam Poetry Championship. Following an invite he joined Crimestoppers in 2007 working alongside the team to educate and guide young people to make better choices. Through his success in educating and encouraging young people to take a positive path he founded and continues to run his own company called ‘Make Dreams Reality’ Chris “gives off an almost visible aura of positivity” and is an inspirational speaker with a great entertainment background. Chris is the future of today on what our young people represent. His goal is to help others Make Dreams Reality.
March 3, 2018