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Why a Pointless Knife©?

The pointless knife key feature and what makes it a totally unique product is the removal of the knifes point. Whilst conducting research it was determined that within knife crime fatalities the point of the knife had played a primary role.

Who is Chris Preddie?

Having dedicated over ten years to helping young people realise their true potential and contributing to reducing knife crime on your streets.  
Chris has always had his finger on the pulse and stayed one step ahead, his ability to engage and inspire is second to none.   
Chris has always worked in a solution focused way and has a proven record of achieving results. Throughout Chris’ journey, young people have always been at the forefront of everything and In February 2012 Chris received the highest recognition for all his hard work and was awarded a OBE.   
When speaking to Chris, it is clear his sole motivation is the young people and his commitment to change , his humility is refreshing. Whilst his professional, polished presentation skills would lead you to believe this was always a natural fit for Chris. Having come from a difficult background with a family involved in criminality, it would have been easy for Chris to follow in their footsteps. 
Sadly four days after his 16th birthday His brother was murdered after being shot in the head. This Traumatic event is what propelled Chris into creating MDR (make dreams a reality ) a child-centred company delivering goal based outcome programmes in schools across the country.   
Having the insight both personally and professionally, Chris is always actively looking for the next solution for change and this dedication is what lead to the creation of the pointless knife.   

Pointless knife – specification:

    • Made from as many eco-friendly components as we can manage.


    • Full tang for strength.


    • Zero-stabbing points.


    • Can still be used for all cooking, preparation needs.


    • Full range of Pointless Knives© for all jobs.


    • High end range for professionals.


    • Budget range for home use.


    • Made to stay sharp- without sharpening.


  • Created to replace all knives with sharp pointed end, to reduce knife attacks.

The pointless knife represents hope and our commitment as a community to saving the next generation. 


Help us get the pointless knife range out to production and join us on this evolution of change. Any donation big or small are gratefully received and step towards making our streets and young people feel safer. CLICK HERE

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