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Topic this week is… Do we have Daddy issues whether your daddy was there or not?

If you would like to be in this weeks show? please message below.

I think this is a topic that sometime gets brushed to the side help me debates this on Live Debates…..

If you wanna get in touch please use email below.

Live Debates Hotline
07494 220590
If you wanna have your say call in on Sunday.

Let’s get debating.


LIVE DEBATES talks about issue and topics that affects us as a society!

Do we have Daddy issues ? Please join in and have your say!

Help me discuss this on my show Live Debates.

This Number is only for live debates and will only be live for the show so please do not use this number as a form of contact.

Thank you all for your support🙏🏾❤

Love ❤️ Laugh 😂 Live 💡

Weather you can help physically or not by sharing or supporting ….Stay safe
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help me to help us – Make Dreams Reality

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