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MDR are on a quest to reform young people and to treat them as individuals with respect for their opinions.

Our work is directed to improve and decrease the crime figures that we see today; this is different from the youth schemes at present, as they are not expected to and so present no measure for their contribution to crime prevention. Instead, what we see today is a place for the youth to ‘play and socialize which is great for their communication and confident skills. But this seems to be resulting in cuts to funding youth work.  The goal of the program is to identify youths who are going to have a turbulent transition from childhood to adulthood and to offer a positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives, something that they may not be receiving within their own homes.

Preddie’s OBE is in recognition of his "outstanding contribution to youth work".

"Preddie gives off an almost visible aura of positivity.  His eyes are bright and hopeful – and when he talks you know that the optimism he exudes is not just for himself but for those who need it more than he does."       

Erwin James, The Guardian

I've heard a lot about you and the work you do... Keep up the good work

Queen Elisabeth II

Chris Preddie is the future

Gordon Taylor

I love what you're doing. You put the work in, you get the work out

Richard Blackwood

You have a gift

Ian McKellen


Latest Posts

Face The Facts

Aimed at youth about to go through expulsion and/or are involved in antisocial and illegal activities Highlights the true consequences of ones actions Aims to make you: THINK! UNDERSTAND! the issue ACT! accordingly


OUTSIDE THE BOX A special intervention & project aimed at: Learning how to understand why an individual commits crime. Thinking about what could be going on behind closed doors. What could be making them behave in a negative manner?

London murder rate overtakes New York

Topic this week is… London murder rate overtakes New York for first time ever… The government isn’t mad enough? Please support me on my M.A.D Campaign Making A Difference borough to borough campaign… help me to help us Make Dreams Reality. Right people I need three people to join me for this week Show… London murder rate overtakes New York for first time ever? If you would like to be in this weeks show? please message below. I think this… *Continued*


THINK BIG A variation of creative arts aimed at teaching the individual to: BUILD on self confidence Channel POSITIVE energy Think about FUTURE goals Think about where YOU WANT to go & what you want to be.

Shocking Statistics


0 Youngsters absent from school due to bullying in the UK
0 Children and young people cautioned or convicted-2016/17
0 Percentage of those that reoffended

A proud moment

We Can Make Anything Happen | Chris Preddie OBE | The LAD bible